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What is Over/Under in Football? Learn How to Bet Over/Under
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Over/Under betting in football is currently shining brightly as a star in matches on soccer fields across the globe. It's not limited to major tournaments; even in smaller matches, fans are always enthusiastic about this type of betting. However, to start betting with this type of wager, basic understanding is essential. The following article by Wintips will help you learn how to play Over/Under football betting like a pro at the bookmaker.Introduction to Over/Under in FootballFor sports betting enthusiasts, this is a popular type of bet that provides a very satisfying playing opportunity. Unlike traditional Sic Bo with 3 dice, Over/Under in football brings a completely different gameplay. Without using dice, this type of bet still resembles the individual play of Sic Bo by betting on the result at the corresponding 2 doors.Playing Over/Under in football involves the delicacy of soccer prediction 100 win abilities, and there are many other attractive bets at bookmakers that players need to learn, such as the Over/Under 2-2.5 bet, O/U handicap... Bookmakers offer this type of play to help players bet easily, without the need for complex analysis, with a fair winning rate of 50%. Especially, there is no need to analyze too much; the final result of the match will determine the bet. Focus all your betting skills on analyzing the total number of goals and then bet on whether the total goals will exceed Over or Under.The Emergence of Over/Under in FootballThe origin of this type of bet may stem from Asia and be inspired by the game of Sic Bo, an indispensable game of chance from ancient times. For Over/Under betting in football, it doesn't depend on the type of match; most online bookmakers offer this type of bet. There isn't any particular reason explaining the popularity of this type of bet, apart from providing players with more options to earn betting money.Based on the statistics of experts, Over/Under betting is always a preferred betting option and a challenging endeavor for bookmaker pros to conquer.Understanding the rules of Over/Under betting in footballThe gameplay is a perfect blend of simple principles and the distinctive allure of the traditional Sic Bo game.What are the rules of Over/Under betting in football?Here are the basic principles behind reading football Over/Under odds, presented in an understandable way for bettors:Choosing the goal value: Bookmakers set a goal value as a threshold, determined through extensive insight from their experts.Predicting football Over/Under: Players have the task of analyzing to predict whether the total goals scored by both teams will be Over or Under the set threshold.Deciding on football Over/Under bets through 3 main options: Over, Under, Draw.
  • Over/Under options:

Over bet: Predicting the total goals scored to exceed the threshold.Under bet: Predicting the total goals scored to be below the threshold.
  • Draw option (Less common choice):

The Draw option is available at certain bookmakers.Predicting the total goals scored to exactly match the threshold.Understanding the rules of football Over/Under betting will enable you to confidently participate in this popular type of bet and gain more personalized experience derived from your own betting endeavors.An example of an Over/Under football betIn a dramatic scenario at an online bookmaker, Vietnam and Thailand faced off in an exciting match with the Over/Under set at 4 goals. Here's how the Over, Under, and Draw options would manifest in this context:Over bet: This bet scenario predicts that the total number of goals scored by both Vietnam and Thailand will exceed 4 goals.Under bet: The Under bet places confidence in the total number of goals not exceeding 4 goals.Draw bet: In the event of a Draw option, the total number of goals scored by both Vietnam and Thailand would be exactly 4 goals, a rather rare scenario with challenging predictability but significant potential rewards.>> See more: Football Advice betting tips 1x2 – Delivering Insights from the Top 100 Websites GloballyUnderstanding how to read & calculate winnings when betting on Over/Under in footballOnce you've mastered the principles of playing Over/Under bets in football, learning how to read the odds becomes much simpler. Here's how you can understand and calculate wins and losses accurately when placing bets with bookmakers:How to calculate Over bets in football, betting on the Over:When the total number of goals exceeds the specified score threshold, the player wins and receives the initial bet amount.Example: If you bet 500,000 VND on the Over and the total number of goals is greater than 4, you will receive 500,000 VND in winnings.How to calculate Under bets in football, betting on the Under:If the total number of goals is less than the specified score threshold, the player wins and receives the initial bet amount.Example: If you bet 150,000 VND on the Under and the total number of goals is less than 4, you will receive 150,000 VND in winnings.Betting on a draw:If a draw option appears in football Over/Under bets and the total number of goals equals the threshold, the player wins and receives the initial bet amount.Example: If you bet 1,000,000 VND on a draw and the goal threshold is 4, you will receive 1,000,000 VND in winnings (some bookmakers may offer different draw odds, often quite high).Refund scenario:If there is no draw option and the total number of goals equals the specified score threshold, both sides of the bet (Over and Under) will be refunded.Example: If the odds for Over and Under are both 1, you will receive a refund for both bet options if the total number of goals is 3.How to bet Over/Under in football like a proOver/Under bets in football are becoming increasingly popular due to the competitive odds offered by bookmakers, especially appealing to newcomers for their simplicity. To be effective in betting, it's essential to master these methods of analyzing Over/Under football bets to help you win:Thoroughly research betting informationConsider the team's recent performance, including the number of wins, draws, losses, and goals scored or conceded, to get an overall view of their current form.Get familiar with the team's lineup, learn about key players, and their availability due to suspension or injury.Assess the team's form based on their home and away match results.Study the head-to-head history between the two teams, considering previous match results and goal tallies.Find out if any key players are injured or suspended. These absences can significantly affect the team's overall performance and the final outcome.Understand the team's tactical system and playing style; some teams tend to aggressively attack to score many goals, while others adopt a defensive style, conceding fewer goals.Draw your own experience from reading oddsBefore placing a football Over/Under bet, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of information about both teams, such as their form, head-to-head history, lineup, playing style, and penalty kick ratios. These details help you evaluate the bet, understand the teams' capabilities, and make informed decisions on whether to bet Over or Under, aligning with expert standards.Avoid following the crowd when placing betsFollowing the crowd with similar bets can be advantageous but also a trap set by bookmakers. Avoid blindly trusting heavily wagered numbers and instead analyze independently based on gaming experience to avoid falling into traps.Applying these football Over/Under betting strategies will help you make the most of accurate betting information and avoid common mistakes in the betting process!ConclusionThe increasing popularity of Over/Under football bets, especially after the detailed insights provided by everyday winning soccer tips in the article above, clearly indicates it as one of the top choices among bookmakers, attracting both newcomers and seasoned bettors alike. For those looking to learn how to bet on football Over/Under accurately, studying the information and experiences shared by experts in articles like this is essential. Build your own strategy, confidently place your bets, and enjoy the thrill of winning from the myriad opportunities presented by Over/Under bets.

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