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What is the Over/Under 1 1.5 bet? Guide on how to read and t
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What is the Over/Under 1 1.5 bet?Over/Under is a primary form of football betting at many online bookmakers. It always appears on the odds boards for important matches. The odds of 1 1.5 draw a lot of attention from players. Many new players may find it relatively difficult. However, that doesn't deter the passion of players at Ku bookmakers.On the bookmaker's odds board, the symbol to identify this bet is 1 1/4 or 1.25 in the Over/Under column. The number 1.25 is the odds ratio set by the bookmaker. Players need to predict whether the total number of goals scored will be greater or less than this number. When betting on this market, the following situations may occur:Total goals scored are greater than 2: Players who bet on Over win bet tips, those who bet on Under lose.Total goals scored are 0: Players who bet on Over lose money, those who bet on Under win money.Total goals scored are 1: Players who bet on Over lose half their stake, those who bet on Under win half their stake.Looking at it, you'll see it's not too complicated. However, this bet requires players to have a good ability to predict the game's situation. If the assessment is wrong, consider it a loss.How to read the Over/Under 1 1.5 bet accurately todayIf you've chosen to play this bet, you need to know how to read it accurately to approach the bet correctly. Football betting always involves unpredictable variations, and success or failure depends on many factors. However, understanding it well can help you avoid many unnecessary mistakes. Here, we will guide you on determining the outcome and calculating the winnings for this bet when participating in betting at Wintips.Reading the Over/Under 1 1.5 odds when betting on Over:There are 3 scenarios to consider when choosing to bet on Over:Scenario 1: Total goals scored are greater than or equal to 2This happens when the match ends with scores like 2-0, 2-1, 0-2, 1-2, etc., where the sum of the goals scored is not less than 2. If this occurs, it means the bet on Over wins. The calculation for the winnings in this case is: Winnings = Bet amount x Bookmaker's odds.Scenario 2: No goals are scored during the matchIf no team scores throughout the 90 minutes of the match (including stoppage time), those who bet on Over will lose their bet. However, they will only lose half their stake. The formula to calculate the loss in this case is: Loss = (Bet amount x Bookmaker's odds) / 2.Scenario 3: Only one goal is scored throughout the matchRegardless of which team scores, as long as the final score is 1-0 or 0-1, the Over bet loses. In this case, the bettor loses the entire bet amount. Loss = Bet amount.Please note that this calculation does not include the original bet amount. It means that in the case of a win, the player will receive back the initial bet amount plus the winnings calculated according to the formula above.>> See more: Here are the top 10 which website is 100% accurate for football predictions today?Reading the Over/Under 1 1.5 odds when betting on Under:Similar to betting on Over, when choosing to bet on Under, there are also 3 scenarios:Scenario 1: Total goals scored are greater than or equal to 2The match turns out to be very intense with both teams scoring many goals. In this case, players who bet on Under will lose their entire bet amount since the total goals exceed the bookmaker's odds ratio. Loss = Bet amount.Scenario 2: No goals are scored during the matchIf neither team manages to score, resulting in a final score of 0-0, those who bet on Under will win half their stake. Meanwhile, those who bet on Over will lose half their stake. The calculation for winnings will be: Winnings = (Bet amount x Bookmaker's odds) / 2.Scenario 3: Only one goal is scored throughout the matchIf only one of the teams manages to score one goal during the match, those who bet on Under win. The amount you receive will be calculated as follows: Winnings = Bet amount x Bookmaker's odds.Tips for placing bets and winningBetting on Over/Under is not overly difficult, but it's always something that many bettors feel hesitant about. To play well, you need to understand it thoroughly and gain a lot of betting experience. Why is it that seasoned players can glance over and know which match to bet on, while newcomers still struggle to decide?Refer to the following tips for playing the Over/Under 1 1.5 bet. They will be very useful in determining your betting choices.Choose the most suitable match for yourselfFirstly, to start your betting venture successfully, you need to choose matches that align with your level of understanding. These could be games involving teams you know well or matches that are easy to best football prediction app. If you're a newcomer, it's best to bet on games with stable information. Typically, bookmakers adjust the odds board parameters before each match based on collected data. If you notice these parameters changing constantly, proceed with caution.Research information before participating in bettingThe second aspect that you need to pay close attention to is conducting thorough research before engaging in any betting activity. This is often overlooked and underestimated. However, many "expensive lessons" have taught us the importance of this.Currently, there are many sports websites that constantly update the hottest news about football teams, which you can refer to. Additionally, at Wintips, we have industry-leading experts who tirelessly provide you with the most accurate insights. Therefore, if you want to start your betting journey smoothly, never stop learning and researching.Stay committed to your own betting choicesThere's one thing that many Over/Under 1 1.5 bettors often fall into, and that is constantly doubting their betting decisions. If they haven't chosen a bet, they are easily swayed by those around them. This can lead them astray from their initial intentions. Moreover, even if they have chosen a promising bet, many still opt to abandon it when they see another seemingly better option.Flexibility is essential, but we advise you to stick to your principles. Betting is an unforgiving battle among money enthusiasts. Hence, you won't know who is a friend and who is a foe. Keep a clear head and stay firm with your choices.Keep some capital aside for safetyMany people tend to follow the "high risk, high reward" advice. However, that's only true in a thousand possible outcomes. You must truly understand the betting odds and master the game situation to get rich this way. For many newcomers or those not yet confident in this type of betting, it's best not to rush. Betting with a small amount of money may result in less profit, but it will ensure that you don't incur too much loss.ConclusionThe information above concludes our sharing about the Over/Under 1 1.5 bet. Although it may be a bit challenging in the initial games to approach this type of betting, take it slow. This type of bet is considered relatively stable and offers high rewards. So if you're interested, feel free to join the exciting matches at free hot football tips Sportsbook right away.

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